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As a humanitarian aid organization, our international rule is to provide support in the event of disasters and emergencies, as well as to achieve the empowerment of the most vulnerable groups in society, that is; women and young girls. For that reason, we constantly work in the prevention and recovery of families’ livelihood, whose situation is usually affected due to the precarious conditions they live in.

Along 2018, we continued working with the commitment of eliminating inequality gaps in our country. An example of this is the innovation in several projects that help achieve the financial inclusion of women in vulnerable situations by using technology, keeping us updated using new tools for the management of social projects. Similarly, we were the first to eradicate child malnutrition from the perspective of community empowerment and not just by delivering food, we were also the first organization to promote and develop a mental health program with specialized attention to the LGTBI population.

We have contributed to raising awareness in the civil society thanks to sharing different success stories focused on girls and women who struggle every day to fulfill their dreams. Stories that reached millions of people thanks to working together with our partners and their marketing areas, with the goal of inspiring others to achieve our great mission: end poverty in Peru.

There are still many challenges ahead but we know we are not alone. We have a great team of coworkers and volunteers who are committed to change; and we also have strong support from the State, the private sector, and the citizen on foot. Each part plays an important role in the reduction of inequality, and it is through teamwork that we trust in reducing more and more the gaps that limit our development.

Rosa Asca Cordano

National Director

Oscar Caipo


Our impact

In 2018 we have reached 400,000 people, through 24 development projects and humanitarian aid.


Our goal

By 2021, we want to achieve that a million people from rural and peri-urban areas have access to human sustainable development with equal opportunities.

Ejes estratégicos de impacto


Development and economical inclusion of women

12,978 peruvian woman and girls received training in entrepreneurship and finance. 37,659 were indirectly benefited.

Our objective is to increase the income of women who are in vulnerable situations and to promote their equal participation in taking financial decisions at home.

Social inclusion and potencial development

239,170 peruvian men and woman, young and old; strengthened their capacities to develop their full potential.

We worked so more women and young girls or boys have access to health, water and sanitation services. We are fighting chronic child malnutrition in kids under 5 so they can attend school normally and be able to end the school year successfully, allowing them to have more opportunities.

Adaptation and resilience in the event of climate threats

72,783 people came together to face climate change and opened new opportunities por development in the coast, andean region and the amazon.

We raised awareness in people to reduce their vulnerability facing climate change, ensuring their Access to food and adapting their means of living to achieve resilience.

Risk management and emergency response

10,405 peruvian women and men were prepared for future emergencies and learned how ti mitigate possible risks. 19,828 were directly benefited.

We have supported men and women who were impacted by natural disasters so their families have access to fundamental social services and they can recover their means of living.

Our projects

Along 2018 we have now 24 active projects in 21 regions in Peru. Each of them meets one or more of our strategic axes. Specific information on each project is available in the following map:

Showing projects in the axes:

List of projects:

Click on the markers to view the projects in the region.

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To CARE, accountability is a right of the people and a duty of our organization because it is the means through which we inform about the fulfilment of agreements and the commitments with the communities we work with and our partners.

Service channels

CARE Peru has three main service channels; we always inform the beneficiaries of our projects about them. Considering the diversity of contexts the participants of our projects come from we have three options for them to contact us directly to our Accountability area. In the same way, CARE Peru staff or third parties who have questions or concerns may use them as well.

Financial report

CARE Peru makes sure that donations are used for the benefit of the people and communities we work with in a transparent way. The most relevant financial documents for 2018 are presented below, as well as our annual audit results.

Our allies

Thanks to our donors’ financial contribution and their trust we can work to build a country where poverty is eradicated giving opportunities for everyone.

Marketing partners

We have huge support from committed communication agencies who work with us hand in hand.

How to help


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  • Work with us in an impact project or empower your sustainability projects with us.

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