Zelma Acosta-Rubio,

Chair of our Board of Directors

CARE Peru has been working to strengthen the capacities of thousands of Peruvians for 51 years so that they can achieve their goals and achieve socioeconomic well-being that will allows us to build a better country and a better future for our families together. We have worked for the most vulnerable populations in all these years, especially girls and women, because we know that, all people must have the same rights and opportunities in order to end poverty. 

As an international organization that works in more than 100 countries and has more than 75 years of experience around the world, CARE supports 200 million people from the most vulnerable and excluded communities together with its partners and allies in order to overcome poverty and social injustice. We contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in each of our projects and interventions.

The last two years have been extremely challenging due to the pandemic. In this context, we have not stopped our work. On the contrary, we continue it and we manage to provide timely assistance by using innovation, data, as well as evidence and technology to generate impact. We were able to adapt to new needs and show that we are a resilient team in 2020. A year later, in 2021, we began a next phase: improving our processes to be more efficient and achieve lasting and sustainable changes. All this has been reflected in our interventions and in the growth of the human group that makes up the CARE Peru family. 

The FORS project (Strengthening the Local Health Response through Social Mobilization and Reactivation) is among the initiatives that generated the most impact in 2021. It seeks to strengthen the organized response capacities of local health systems and communities and territories in the Antamina Mining Company in the face of the COVID-19 emergency. To do so, it prioritizes family and people protection and care of the, also taking into account their contagiousness. More than 3,000 post-vaccine verification medical visits have been carried out, technical assistance has been provided to almost 700 healthcare professionals and more than 5,000 people have been directly reached thanks to this project. 

Another project with great impact in 2021 has been the Ignite initiative, which seeks to ignite the potential of 36,000 businessmen and businesswomen, with special emphasis on women. The project has managed to train 2,398 participants in financial education, business skills and soft skills for the company. In addition, more than 15,000 businesswomen have received credit from the Emprendo Mujer financial product, for an amount of more than 40,000,000 soles. 

Similarly, our flagship project, Girls with Opportunities (Girls Rise?), has deployed a virtual strategy to empower schoolgirls in life skills since 2020. It thus contributes to their comprehensive well-being and, therefore, to improve their chances of successfully completing school and t continue their educational and life paths. The Skills for Life (HPV) program, includes work on socio-emotional skills and life projects, so that each student can generate their own life vision and have a strategy to pursue their dreams. 

The initiative also works on comprehensive sexual education, which gives them a better understanding of themselves and encourages appropriate decision-making about exercising their sexuality and a life free of violence. Finally, the project works on their economic empowerment so as to generate entrepreneurship and business ideas that serve as tools to follow the path towards their goals. During 2021, the project saw the active participation of 3,926 students (2,121 women). Likewise, it managed to have a positive impact on more than 700 families, 45 targeted educational institutions and 8 Local Educational Management Units (UGEL). 

Girls with Opportunities was acknowledged by the Peruvian University of Applied Sciences (UPC) after winning the 2021 Business Creativity Award in the Education category. The project won the trophy and got placed as the most innovative thanks to its great impact in the lives of thousands of girls and young students from rural and peri-urban areas in Huancavelica, Amazonas, Lambayeque, Cajarmarca, Lima and Callao. 

Each of our projects and strategies is implemented with integrity, ethics and transparency. We are also guided by our policies in favor of diversity and inclusion, since we know that our differences are, at the same time, our strengths as an organization. Magic happens when a team with a diversity of gender, age, ethnicity, etc., works for a common goal. We are unstoppable in that field! 

I also want to take this opportunity to acknowledge the commitment of each of the donor companies, our allies, who are committed to our purpose and our projects. I appreciate your trust and your work to make our sustainable  and one with equal opportunities. I am sure that we will continue to count on your support to expand the social impact we want to achieve. 

Finally, I congratulate the CARE Peru team for their vocation to generate sustainable well-being and the members of the Steering Committee for their active support of our team. Thanks to each and everyone! We still have a long way ahead and I am convinced that we will do it with everyone’s commitment.

Zelma Acosta-Rubio

Chair of our Board of Directors