Fund raising activities

2021 started very well: our Marketing and Fundraising team implemented and developed various digital campaigns and activities aiming at raising funds for those projects that required more financing. Next, we review some of them: 

Challenge for Education

As part of this campaign, various athletes traveled more than 300 kilometers in order to invite the general public to join and support the Girls with Opportunities project, so that more girls and adolescents complete their studies at a timely age and with skills for lifetime. 

Additionally, different actions and activities were carried out throughout the year with which it was possible to raise funds and seal the participation of different companies. For example, to attract and retain specific and recurring donors, regular employee giving and match up strategies were carried out aimed at companies and their workers. In this case, our allies are LHH DBM, KPMG and Caipo Asociados. 

At the same time, the KPMG and Caipo companies supported our Girls with Opportunities project with the donation raised in the Sixth Golf Tournament, which was held virtually and brought together several sports fans. 

Mom Paints Dreams

This campaign consisted of motivating the purchase of illustrated greeting cards on the occasion of Mother’s Day to contribute to the development of thousands of women who participate in the projects we lead. 

These cards were based on three reasons: quality education, economic empowerment and food security for all people. At the same time, a raffle was held for illustrated card kits to invite more people to follow us on social media and learn about our work. 

Owners of their Future

This was the first shared value campaign that we carried out together with GrupoRPP. Owners of their Future was held in October and November and sought to highlight the importance of girls having the same opportunities as boys in their personal and professional development. 

The campaign was characterized by being multichannel and had a presence in different media: television, radio, digital and OOH (Out Of Home) panels so that more people knew about the different projects that we promote. Likewise, thanks to Parque Arauco, an activation was carried out on November 12, 13 and 14 at the Mega Plaza de Independencia, in which the public was invited to support quality education and equal opportunities by donating to the Girls with Opportunities project. 

BCP Boost - Feed their Strength

Banco de Crédito del Perú (BCP) became the main ally of the Feed their Strength project this year, by granting a significant donation for popular kitchen sustainance. In addition, we carried out a fundraising campaign with its main clients, called BCP Boost. 

The campaign began with a presentation to special clients and was also aired on their social media in order to promote donations through Yape and digital banking platforms in July and August. CARE Peru joined in this initiative and effort to increase donations from the general public.