Andrés Gomez de la Torre

CARE Peru’s Board of
Directors member

CARE International’s Organizational Development and Governance Director, he started his career working in corporate law for firms like EY; Rodrigo, Elias & Medrano and Roselló; and collaborating with projects at the Ministry of Justice, Prosode and Transparency on social development, education and electoral observation issues. He was a professor of Administrative Law at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, from where he graduated as a lawyer. 

In recent years, he has worked in human rights, international cooperation and humanitarian action for different international organizations and networks in collaboration with governments, United Nations entities and the private sector, leading programs, intervention strategies and teams in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. 

He has a Master’s degree in Regulation and Public Policy from the London School of Economics. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors at Women for Women International and a contributor to the global initiative The RINGO Project (Re-inventing INGOs). He dedicates much of his time to programs in defense of human rights, international development and the promotion of gender equality, inclusion and diversity policies; as well as supporting initiatives that promote the international cooperation system transformation towards a more equitable system.