Claudia Sánchez​

Programs director

At CARE we work for a more inclusive country where women and girls can live with equal opportunities and less poverty. Our role as social change process facilitators -through working in alliances and strengthening and linking with different actors- has allowed us to generate a set of models and innovative solutions with the potential to be scaled, which have been contributing to designing and implementing public policies in favor of the most vulnerable populations. 

CARE’s competency across the confederation is based on our holistic and inclusive approach to addressing poverty and injustice. We act as a global link between communities living in poverty and those in power. We raise the voice of the vulnerable and harness our organizational diversity and learning to address inequalities and achieve lasting impact. 

In 2021, we consolidated our four strategic axes with 30 implemented projects aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), CARE’s vision to 2030, and attention to prioritized impact populations. For example, we work with women producers’ associations to improve their economic income, with Amazonian indigenous communities in the management and conservation of their territories, with girls and adolescents in their right to quality education, with the LGTBIQ+ community in their right to health and to a life free of violence, and with the Venezuelan community in improving their living conditions and protection services for them. 

We have developed a set of pilots and innovative models that are generating a sustainable impact on the most vulnerable populations through new technologies and new operating models. Examples of this are projects such as Ignite, FORS, She Feeds the World, Grow, We Learn+, Water Governance for Scattered Rural Families (GOA), Resilient Women, Girls with Opportunities, HIV Country Program, Strengthening the Local Health Response through Mobilization and Social Reactivation (FOGEL), among others, which have also allowed us to scale and have an institutional presence in the 25 regions of the country. 

Our organizational goal is to achieve social justice through gender equality, improving access to resources and opportunities for girls and women. To achieve this, we will continue to facilitate coordination and dialogue with local and regional governments, ministries, social organizations, the private sector, academia and international cooperation, and establish agreements that promote social change and search for sustainable solutions. 

We thank all our partners, allies and donors for the trust they placed in CARE last year and we encourage them to continue working together, gathering forces for a more inclusive country with equal opportunities for all, where poverty has been eliminated and people live in dignity and safety. 

Claudia Sánchez

Programs director