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We share with you the results of our programs and projects executed during this year.

Presence of CARE in the world and how it arrived in Peru

We are an international organization present in 102 countries. We directly reach more than 100,237,877 people around the world through our 1,495 development projects.

At CARE Peru we seek to develop a more diverse, inclusive and effective network that allows us to contribute to a greater extent to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

CARE International
vision to 2030

CARE International vision to 2030

YEAR 2021

CARE Peru’s scope

of attained people
were women

Presencia de nuestros proyectos en el territorio nacional

Directory Words

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Zelma Acosta-Rubio,
Chair of our Board of Directors
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Marilú Martens
National Director of CARE Peru

Program Introduction

Our interventions contribute to designing and implementing public policies in favor of the most vulnerable populations. CARE contributes to achieving lasting and significant impacts on poverty eradication and social justice, in support of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Humanitarian action

Promote sustainable changes and innovative solutions

Multiply impact

Gender approach

In the last year we have experienced unprecedented social transformations, marked by uncertainty, but also by collective efforts to overcome the current economic and health crisis.

Enfoque de Género

El último año hemos vivido transformaciones sociales sin precedentes, marcadas por la incertidumbre, pero también por los esfuerzos colectivos para superar la crisis económica y sanitaria vigente.

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Claudia Sanchez,
Programs director

Words by Claudia Sánchez, Programs director

Our role as social change process facilitators -through working in alliances and strengthening and linking with different actors- has allowed us to generate a set of models and innovative solutions with the potential to be scaled.


We are convinced of the need to transform our power relations with the population that participates in our work.

Accountability is the people’s right and the organization’s duty

What benefits does accountability bring us?

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Susana Osorio,
Gender and Compliance Unit Head

Words by Susana Osorio, Gender and Compliance Unit Head

We know that the barriers faced by women in our country have a structural gender discrimination basis. In the context of the economic and health crisis, it is girls and women who suffer the most from its economic effects.

Finance Directorate

The Finance Department's purpose is to contribute to achieving our mission through financial resource efficient, transparent and reliable administration. At the same time, it guarantees resource use quality, adequate reporting level and timely service through competent personnel committed to the values of our organization.

Words by Mónica Arenas, Finance director

In 2021, CARE Peru’s total income was S/ 40.4 million, which represents 4% above what was programmed and an additional 15% to the 2020 financial execution. These funds have allowed us to implement more than 30 projects in the Humanitarian Aid (38%), Health (33%), Economic Development (17%), Education (9%) and Climate Justice (3%) sectors.

Mónica Arenas
Finance director

Development and Sustainability Directorate

As a whole, the Development and Sustainability Department has the mission of bringing the organization closer to achieving its financial, programmatic and impact goals to make our vision a reality by 2030.


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Main awards

We received several acknowledgments in 2021 hemos, among which we highlight the following:

Girls with Opportunities wins the 2021
Business Creativity Award in the
Education category

Growing with Morikke in Amarakaeri
wins the 2021SCALE award

CARE Peru team


Thanks to all the companies and institutions that joined our effort to continue working for equal opportunities in our country.


Thanks to all the companies and institutions that joined our effort to continue working for equal opportunities in our country.